When you're driving an SUV in Opelousas, LA, it's normal to feel the effects of windy conditions. There's no need to sacrifice stability, however; the Ford Explorer here at Sterling Ford comes with technology that helps you stay balanced and in control, no matter what the conditions.

As you're driving across a ridge or an exposed field, the Ford Explorer's standard side-wind stabilization technology kicks in. It monitors the lateral movement of the vehicle; if you're being buffeted by big gusts, the system counteracts the movement for a smoother, more controlled ride. That means that you can tackle an exposed high-elevation road or pass a semi-truck on the interstate with peace of mind.

If you plan to tow a trailer with your Ford Explorer, you'll appreciate the standard sway-control system. When your load starts to sway, the Ford Explorer adjusts the powertrain and brakes instantly to reduce the movement. That way, you can continue your trip without interruption.

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