The Stylish And Functional Design Of The Ford Edge

The Ford Edge is now available at Sterling Ford-Lincoln conveniently located in Opelousas. The Edge is a mid-sized SUV that offers you an incredible amount of cargo area. The engine is powerful and fuel-efficient at the same time. The Edge has interior design features that are both stylish and functional.

One of the design features that you are sure to love is the rotary dial shifter. Instead of a large stick shifter, the Edge has a dial in the center console that you simply turn to select the gear. This feature frees up room in the cabin. You have a bigger storage area in the center, and there is room for a convenient USB port.

The interior design of the Edge makes sure that you are comfortable while driving. A leather-wrapped steering wheel is a standard feature. You will also appreciate the leather-trimmed seats and the bucket seats in the front.



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